Do you own a website and are wondering how to increase traffic to your site? Thousands of people are looking for you on Google already, and if they can’t find you, they will find your competition instead. This means you just lost a prospect to another business owner/blog.

If that’s you, you need to work on your website’s web presence. For that, you can either hire a search engine optimization company like or you can learn SEO yourself. Working with a company is a safe bet since it will not only save you time, but also get you results faster. This improved visibility will bring more stability to your business and get you more phone calls/appointments.

There’s nothing wrong in learning things on your own but you can waste so much time and money along the way. It’s always preferable to take someone’s lead in a market segment and benefit from their first-hand experience.

SEO is a process and it involves several steps in case you’re interested in learning more:

1.Do a keyword research and pick the right keywords for your market. If you’re a plumber based in Atlanta, you want your business to have a better search visibility for desired search terms in the city/neighboring cities.

2.Once that’s done, you would optimize your main website and include the set of keywords, and add/update pages as necessary. Sprinkle the keywords naturally and maintain a good keyword density.

3.Next step will be to optimize your web properties like Facebook and LinkedIn pages and start appealing to your business prospects.

4.Build business directory listings and other references to further skyrocket your brand’s visibility. The more people see your website, the more it’s likely to bring you conversions in terms of leads & sales.

5.Once you’re ranking, maintain/update the content on a regular basis. Things are ever-changing and if you keep up with them and add new content to your site regularly, you will rank for even more keywords. More keywords translates to more website visitors, and ultimately more money in your bank account thanks to the sales.

That’s how SEO works in a nutshell. If you haven’t implemented it in your marketing strategy yet, you need to re-think and we mean it! It’s like putting thousands of dollars on the table each month if you’re missing out on Google search traffic. If you take action on the above steps, you will increase your web traffic and get more visits from Google. If you found this post helpful, do share on social media and/or drop your opinions below.